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12 Preveza Jazz Festival 2014

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For the 12 consecutive year the best representatives of contemporary European music will gather in Preveza in western Greece for the well known PREVEZA JAZZ FESTIVAL. 

May 30, 2014
Music  School of Preveza
- Diminuita the swing Trio (Greece)
Diminuita, starting from 2007, are a part of the orchestral gypsy swing scene, alluding to the pioneers of the Hot Club, playing their own versions of Reinhatdt’s and Grappelli’s tunes, as well as of other composers’ of that era.They will   also present   their first cd "a-rhythmology", released last May. Clear, natural sound from acoustic instruments and freedom of musical expression in a swing atmosphere, references to bebop style, imaginative melodies and rhythmic maneuvers.
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May 31, 2014
-Rembrandt Frerichs Trio (Holland)
“One of the highlights of the North Sea Jazz Festival” Jazzmagazine wrote about pianist and composer Rembrandt Frerichs. One couldn’t hope for a better recommendation. Rembrandt is a pianist with a broad perspective. He is familiar with the American jazz tradition, but wants to avoid the welltrodden path.He is inspired by European classical music and his passion for Arabic music was developed during his twoyear stay in Egypt.  Rembrandt is recognized by the international press as an adventurer on the piano and master of his instrument. In his music you can hear the energy of improvised jazz and the lyricism of Oriental music. He plays “music of the future where boundaries disappear from the ear" (Trouw) At age 22 Rembrandt made his debut at the North Sea Jazz Festival. During that time he studied both in New York and Holland. Directly after graduating he was asked to start teaching at various conservatories in the Netherlands. The now 35-year-old artist played in legendary Jazz club Bird land in New York. His music took him to Madrid, Copenhagen, Paris, Sao Paulo, Novosibirsk, Rio de Janeiro, Helsinki, Istanbul, Rome, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Beirut, New Delhi, Cologne, Zurich, Algiers and many other festivals and clubs around the world. In 2007 his debut album was nominated for the Dutch Grammy (Edison Award). The Dutch government selected Rembrandt as “Music X Port Artist”; a special program for presenting the top of Dutch arts around the

-Nilufer Verdi & Ferhat Oz ( Turkey)
Ferhat Öz
began his music education in Istek Belde Fine Arts School after primary school. He has studied cello and piano with Arzum Şengüller for seven years. During these years he began to be interested in human voice and started to learn opera songs and perform. In those years he also acted in some musicals such as "The Sound Of Music", "My Fair Lady" and " The Importance Of Being Ernest".
After graduation from high school in 2003, he got accepted to Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department to study vocal jazz with a shcolarship. During his university education he mentored by Turkish jazz diva Nükhet Ruacan and focused on vocal techniques, improvisation and repertoire. he also studied harmony with Selen Gülün, Onur Türkmen and Dirk Stromberg; ear training with Donavan Mixon; and miscellaneous ensemble sessions with musicians such as Ricky Ford and Imer Demirer. In 2006 Ferhat won " The young jazz singers contest" in Turkey which is organized by Nardis Jazz Cluband as a reward he represented Turkey in Estionia for "International Jazz Singers Contest"  within "Nömme Jazz Festival" and won the "audience favorite award". As a result he got invited to Paris to sing Ted Curson's live concert album which was released in 2007. After that he had joined Ted Curson's International Band and had the chance to perform in different cities in Europe and United States....  With the hope of finding different sounds and colors for his voice he joined  "On The Road Band" as the lead singer and expended his performances with soul, funk, rnb and etc. Ferhat still continues his music career as a performer and also as a vocal coach mostly based on Istanbul and despite his young age he is considered as one of the most bright and promissing jazz singer in Turkey.
Nilufer Verdi is the child of a family involved in music. Growing up she took private piano lessons in a family where her father Nejat Verdi was a percussionist and  Murat Verdi her older brother used to play drums. After high school she continued her musical education with piano, harmony, arrangement and composition lessons given by important masters such as Jack Reilly in the New school NY than Ray Santisi, Bob Winter Billy Pierce  at  Berklee college of music Boston. Nilufer Verdi  who is the first female jazz pianist in Turkey has played with many Turkish and foreign musicians in Turkey and abroad, in many jazz clubs and festivals in addition to playing in the Akbank, Denızli, Alanya, Yapı Kredi, Bilsak, Kuşadası, İstanbul, Afyon, Eskişehir, Ankara festivals and many international events such as Houston USA, Can-Am Canada, Port Huron and also took part in a 28 days tour in the People's Republic of China. Nilufer Verdi has also been teaching many students and worked at Yıldız Tech University 2002-2003 and Bahceşehir University 20012-20014. Mana her first album was released in 1977. In the album Ariel Hoenig (drums), John Ormonf (bass), and Neşet Ruacan (guitar) played with Nilufer Verdi.Seven out of nine entirely instrumental works of this accoustic album were written by Nilufer Verdi. İzhar the second album of the artist who has had great success outside of Turkey, especially in Canada in addition to her success in the country. It will soon be released on A.K music label an album with Kamil Ozler Guitar- Kağan Yıldız Kontrbass-Nedim Ruacan drums -Nilufer Verdi Piano.

-Michalis Paouris “Disharmony”
Michael  Paouris was born ine Athens. He began learning the bouzouki when he was 8 and he starts to play professionally when he was 12. His next teacher Manolis Michalakis recommends him in the composer G. Katsaros with whom he collaborated for a limited number of concerts. Simultaneously, he participates in the team of Nikos Danikas in “Stavros tou Notou” and in “Chamam” (2 of the most well known concert halls in Athens). He participates in competitions of technique and interpretation and he wins the first place at Pan-Hellenic Rewards.In his 15 Th. Polykandriotis selects him and he collaborates with him in a lot of concerts for 8 years. He also performed at the “Megaron, The Athens concert hall”, in his 18, with a symphony orchestra, M.Theodoraki’s pieces. In his 16, he performed live in M. Theodoraki’s play “ A life, Greece”His teacher Manolis Michalakis, broadened his musical horizons, teaching him moral lessons, the essential love to the music, the way that the natural development comes to the instrument and the essential development of spirit through the music as well. Special moment is considered to be his attendance in the opening ceremony of Olympic Games “Athens 2004” in the piece of Stavros Xarchakos. He has been teaching students, professionals etc. from all over Greece, aiming at the even approach of music and the correct bases on technique issues based on material that results from his personal research since 2005. He has been working as a teacher in the CONSERVATOIRE of ART G.B. FAKANAS since 2010.  He has performed with The Rosenberg Trio, Al Di Meola and Gonzalo Rubalcaba among others. video

June 1, 2014
-Reis / Demuth / Wiltgen (Luxembourg)
Pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen, three of Luxembourg’s most up and coming jazz musicians, formed the Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio in 1998 while still in High School. The group performed on a regular bases in and around Luxembourg for a couple of years. Now reunited since 2011, this impressive collective of individual talents is once again eager to share their experiences as well as their new compositions with their audience. Each band member composes music for the Trio and aims to create a fresh and forward-thinking overall sound, which is strongly influenced by popular music and the singer/songwriter genre. The core of it all remains modern jazz, which profoundly enriches the compositions and improvisations without ever burdening them.

-Tamuz Nissim (Israel)
Jazz singer songwriter and pianist Tamuz Nissim, from Tel Aviv Israel, with her warm soulful voice, mesmerizing stage presence and virtuosic improvisation skills performs in Jazz venues and festival in Israel Europe and NYC as a band leader and also as a guest artist in different projects. Tamuz compose and arrange the repertoire of her band which combines original music, pop and Jazz. In December 2013  she published her debut CD "The Music Stays in a Dream" and her composition "Broken Promises" was featured in CD collection published by greek magazine Jazz & Jazz (is. of November 2011, No 224).
Tamuz started her musical education at an early age, having classical piano lessons and at the age of 14 started to sing Jazz in the music department of her High school. Already then she was considered to be one of the most promising voices of the vibrant Israeli Jazz scene. She moved to Europe in 2007 to study in the Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag, NL and has a Bachlor degree in Performing arts.
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